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MULTISIGNSMALAGA has been a leader in business sign fabrication for over four decades in Malaga city and the province: light boxes, illuminated & non-illuminated signs, with direct or indirect illumination using high quality LEDs, neon, fluorescent tubes and LED screens.


Illuminated signs are the perfect option to identify your business or shop.


At MULTISIGNSMALAGA we highlight two type of signs:


  • Illumination with fluorescent tubes: This is a great economic option offering an effective visual impact during the night from inside of your sign.
  • Illumination with LED technology: An excellent option for your sign due to its durability, energy consumption, which saves about 80% vs. fluorescent tube option, and offering a real environmental care due to its extremely low pollution levels.
  • LED electronic screens: with a very easy setting and installation, are available with many options to choose from, for example; type of letter, screen visual effects and graphics, speed functions, temperature, time, etc…


Come and visit our MULTISIGNSMALAGA installations in Malaga and check out our products using different types of materials, with painted aluminum items, acrylic sheet, canvas with multiple sizes and colors, always adapting to our customers’ needs.

Definitely, we offer to your business the increased ability to attract potential customers that are guaranteed to take notice when your business is equipped with a professionally designed and manufactured illuminated sign.

Illuminated Signs