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Metra MH - CNC Lathes, We integrate to the end users of the multispindle lathe, to the quality and production programing staff, with the objective of fulfilling your productivity targets. Automatic lathe We are aware about the daily matters of manufacturing and machining because we started as machininsts! If you need to machine your precision parts from forgings (blanks) , your best customized option will be our CNC Chuck multi spindle lathe.

Gruber Hermanos, Our machines are manufactured with dedication and knowledge. With the use of the most modern technologies and materials, we apply our long experience to the execution of projects that satisfy exactly our client’s requirements. Gruber industrial fans manufacturer has been long time the ventilation company leader in our country and is now expanding this role worldwide. Gruber Hermanos, , S. A. has been long time the ventilation company leader in our country and is now expanding this role worldwide. The lengthy list of references we have for each sector confirms and supports our extensive professional experience.

Trefinasa, Trefinasa, using the same continuous process, manufactures aluminium tube with optical fibre inside for OPGW. These wires are used in electrical industry, more concretely in manufacturing optical ground wire(OPGW) and conductor cores destined to overhead electrical lines. Trefinasa alumoweld wire manufacturers, once the covering process is finished, the wire is drawn until its final diameter without any alteration in the aluminum steel ratio.

CV Protection, Disposable clothing. Wide range of disposable clothing (made in non woven polypropylene and polyethylene) for body protection. Disposable gloves. Check our glove catalogue and choose the one that fits to your needs. Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl… Zip lock bags. Bag made from low density polyethylene (LDPE), virgin and transparent, hermetic sealing, male track fits by manual pressure on the female track, also called ziplock.

Inoxcaucho, You do not need the pump itself. But the replacement parts to deliver the liquid from place to place with minimum cost and reliably. We make stators, rotors and other components for helical pumps of eccentric rotor, whose area of application is the viscous means transport. Cavity pump rotor, we use the most up-to-date methods to mechanize, polish and harden our rotors.

EVI Accessories, Brass knobs manufacturer Evi, especialist in decorative fittings and accesories for furniture, carpentry and decoration. We are a company specialized in decorative fittings and accessories for furniture, joinery and decoration. Our main objetive. Offer a good service and a personalized attention. Provide quality items. Satisfy our customers with a highly qualified proffesional team.

Zineti, Sacrificial Anodes designed and manufactured upon demand, following specifications of the client. Manufacture and distribution of protection against corrosion upon demand. The most complete range of sacrificial Anodes for different engines (inboard, outboard, tails etc.) of various well-known brands.

Cintranaval-Defcar, We are one of the top technological Spanish companies in the shipbuilding industry. One ship is to be used as diving support vessel. We have developed the detail design and production engineering of nearly 60 vessels using in-house programmed CAD/CAM software.

CoverMas, Specially designed to dispose of the umbrella sleeves when exiting the building - just introduce the umbrella and the sleeve will be retained on the bin. CoverMas Umbrella Unwrapper Bin: The ideal element to keep nice and tidy the entrance of buildings. Specialist company selling umbrella wrapper.

Prado silos, Our dedication to quality is absolute and cannot be compromised. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction through quality. Company providing the design, supply and delivery of galvanized steel grain silo. PRADO Storage Solutions is absolutely committed to satisfying and delighting our customers´ needs

Theca, We design and budgeted your installation of European and Multidirectional scaffolding. With a tradition of over 50 years, Theca combines design, technology and tradition to offer a complete range in its two product lines, Construction tools and Wood burning and Pellet stoves. We are wheelbarrows manufacturers in UK.

Braxima Internacional, Braxima, con más de diez años de experiencia en el suministro de tubos de acero para micropilotes y tubos paraguas para obras subterráneas. Venta de tubos micropilotes en Vizcaya. Accesorios y elementos de perforación. Suministramos los siguientes accesorios y elementos de perforación. Contacta con nosotros para más información.

Digital Water Curtain, We have a huge catalog of outdoor and indoor decorative fountains. If you want to know more about our products and services, dont hesitate to contact us. We are a Water Architecture international brand, specialized in the investigation, project, rehabilitation and design of Water Fountains.

Lumiartecnia Internacional, If you want to know more about our products and services, dont hesitate to contact us. We manufacture our own range of Nozzles and State-of-the-art Aquatic Mechanisms, designed by our R+D department. We are manufacturers of a wide range of decorative fountains.

SNS Marketing, Our team will analyse your business, so we can establish the right SEO strategy for your company. Ppc management Spain create clustered ads by relevant keywords to ensure the highest cost-efficiency. Our experts develop campaigns that are optimised in Google AdWords, so that your website is viewed amongst the top results.