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Cintranaval-Defcar, We are one of the top technological Spanish companies in the shipbuilding industry. Our company is backed with 50 years experience in basic and classification design of the diverse types of vessels. Experience in basic and classification bunkering tanker design of the diverse types of vessels.

Digital Water Curtain, The Digital Water Curtain works as a computer controlled “water plotter” that displays graphics, patterns and texts onto cascading water. The digital water curtain is one of our best creations, a water plotter wall that displays graphics, patterns and texts. We design Water Fountains, Aquatic Ballet, Musical Fountains, Aquatic Shows, Water Shows, and all kinds of indoor and outdoor fountains.

Lumiartecnia Internacional, We manufacture our own line of floating fountains for ponds, lakes and golf courses. We have a wide range of products such as water curtains, water murals, dry deck fountains, architectural fountains and nozzles for water fountain jets. Lumiartecnia is the inventor of the Digital Water Curtain®, the Compact Jet® concept, as well as developer of many patented fountain products.

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