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Metra MH - CNC Lathes, Cnc lathe machine Our CNC MULTISPINDLE SCREW MACHINES CXZ SERIES are also custom made. We integrate to the end users of the multispindle lathe, to the quality and production programing staff, with the objective of fulfilling your productivity targets. 10 years building multi spindles machines, CNC automatic lathes, crew machines, and CNC multispindle lathes! We are aware about the daily matters of manufacturing and machining because we started as machininsts.

Gruber Hermanos, Gruber Hermanos, S. A. has been one of the first companies to obtain the quality certificate of approval according to ISO 9001:2000. We have more than 100 years of experience in the construction of equipment for all kind of industries, including chemical and petro-chemical plants, power generation, paper, glass and many others. Gruber Hermanos axial fans manufacturer. The axial fan is usually fitted with guide vanes, placed either at the inlet or at the outlet, whose function is to diminish the rotation of the conveyed flow.

Trefinasa, Trefinasa is a company created in 1999 with the first objetive of manufacturing aluminium clad steel wire by the continuous extrusion process. Trefinasa aluminium clad steel wire, is a wire of high resistance whose cover is carried through an extrusion process, that adheres the aluminum by pressure and heat. Finally, Trefinasa has started manufacturing low sag conductors. These conductors are able to transmit more electrical current than their equivalent conductor, keeping safety clearances.

CV Protection, The management of CV Protection has a young and skilled team working for the company, that has long stablished ties with reliable international suppliers. Disposable clothing. Wide range of disposable clothing (made in non woven polypropylene and polyethylene) for body protection. Vinyl gloves Also recommended for the health sector, for patient screening and examination or for cleaning of instruments.

Inoxcaucho, The stators are made in molds of our own design & construction. The main property of the rubber that it is resistant to abrasion, tear and to the chemical agents. Cavity pump stator, we use the appropriate rubber compounds and we carry out resistance tests for specific types of abrasion. We make stators, rotors and other components for helical pumps of eccentric rotor, whose area of application is the viscous means transport.

EVI Accessories, EVI is born with the objetive to stand a position in the market with its own style. Our wide product range allows us to offer you the best solution for every case. We are a company specialized in decorative fittings and accessories for furniture, joinery and decoration. Brass square wholesale Evi, especialist in decorative fittings and accesories for furniture, carpentry and decoration.

Zineti, Manufacture and distribution of cathodic protection upon demand. The most complete range of sacrificial Anodes for different engines (inboard, outboard, tails etc.) of various well-known brands. Sacrificial Anodes in Zinc, Aluminium or Magnesium, to weld or bolt on (plate, fish shaped, rod, grounding rods…)

Cintranaval-Defcar, We are one of the top technological Spanish companies in the shipbuilding industry. Our company is backed with 50 years experience in basic and classification design of the diverse types of vessels. Experience in basic and classification bunkering tanker design of the diverse types of vessels.

CoverMas, CoverMas Umbrella Unwrapper Bin: The ideal element to keep nice and tidy the entrance of buildings. A single machine and a single sleeve size for any kind of umbrellas. Attractive design, with a smooth rounded shape. Specialist company selling umbrella wrapper.

Prado silos, Company providing the design, supply and delivery of galvanized steel grain silo. Our dedication to quality is absolute and cannot be compromised. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction through quality. PRADO Storage Solutions offers the latest technology within the grain storage industry.

Theca, We have different production lines like Powder Paint, vitrified powder, mechanical and hydraulic presses, robotic welding cells multitasking, etc. We are wheelbarrows manufacturers in UK. Manufacturer of Wood burning stoves , wheelbarrows, sack trucks, scaffolding in UK. Mass and customized production mantaining the quality standards and CE regulations

Braxima Internacional, Venta de tubos micropilotes en Vizcaya. Tubos paraguas, Los paraguas, también denominados enfilajes, se emplean fundamentalmente en obras subterráneas, tanto en obra civil como en minería para el emboquille de túneles. Nuestra experiencia en todo el proceso de logística internacional nos permite ofrecer a nuestros clientes entregas nacionalizadas en cualquier país del mundo en el menor tiempo posible.

Digital Water Curtain, The Digital Water Curtain works as a computer controlled “water plotter” that displays graphics, patterns and texts onto cascading water. The digital water curtain is one of our best creations, a water plotter wall that displays graphics, patterns and texts. We design Water Fountains, Aquatic Ballet, Musical Fountains, Aquatic Shows, Water Shows, and all kinds of indoor and outdoor fountains.

Lumiartecnia Internacional, We manufacture our own line of floating fountains for ponds, lakes and golf courses. We have a wide range of products such as water curtains, water murals, dry deck fountains, architectural fountains and nozzles for water fountain jets. Lumiartecnia is the inventor of the Digital Water Curtain®, the Compact Jet® concept, as well as developer of many patented fountain products.

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